Expand sales and Drive Operational Efficiencies with the Right Product Assortment, in the Right Locations for Your Customers

The Problem:

Large retailers are looking to optimise their product assortment to appeal to a highly varied customer base.

The jahan.ai Approach:

Our world-class assortment and space optimisation solution can help your teams automate the right range and space to drive unprecedented category growth and efficiencies.

  • Blended financial, operational, and customer metrics to give rich insights and identify strong and weak performers.
  • Predictive sales transfer from our forecasting engine to understand the impact of adding and removing products from the assortment.
  • Drive successful introduction of new products.
  • Select global, clustered or store-specific assortments that are right for your customers and your network.
  • Automatically maximize your macro and micro space to drive greater sales and profit from every square meter of space.
  • Balance merchandising and end-to-end operational considerations to drive the right range for your customers and for your business.

The Outcome:

Significant improvement in customer, financial and operational metrics.

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